Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Final Finito

Hey, hey, hey! So it has been an extremely long time since i've posted anything...or at least it seems that way. Had a bunch of projects that took up all of my time and when I had time I would just sit and stare at random things/wonder why I wasn't sleeping. But, alas, junior year is over! Junior stress is over and has moved aside for the big guy. Yes. Thesis.......... Anyways. Lets not get into that yet. Here's my final!

Introducing Gideon, the Angry Broccoli. He is the bearer of misunderstood evil for kids around the world. When one ignores the veggies in front of them, Gideon's veggie senses start to tingle. So he puts on his mug face and goes to work instilling health and fear to children everywhere. 

Thanks again to Zach Bellissimo and Chris Niosi for the voice of Gideon.