Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Think, think, think

Greetings. Here are some things I've been workin on for my could be, would be, probably should be thesis.  I've already put up some of these on good ol' facebook, but might as well post them on here as well. I'm tinkering around with color schemes trying to get better at that whole shibang. I found this really cool site that helped me! It's called Color Scheme Designer 3 and if anyone is a noob at color and how they relate to one another like me, you should check it out. Enough talk. Here's the goods.

and uh...frog doodles of boredom


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  2. Sweet fish-hand monster! And I love ur characters, bendy bendy bendy. Hah, and you say ur a noob at the color gang. Adobe's "Kuler" thingie is pretty cool too.